Director's Desk

GHPS Director Guru Harkrishan Public School has been founded in the sacred memory of Shri Guru Harkrishan Sahibji the 8th Guru of Sikhs- The greatest teacher of humanity. It has proved worthy of is great and revered name. Almighty has really nurtured this seedlings althrough and made it grow into a strong, sturdy and blooming tree.

In this temple of learning students receive not only only the three Rls namely Reading, Writing and Arithmetic but get value education which enables them to mature into complete and perfect individuals.

The school has successfully completed 30 years of dedicated service to the spread of education and through sustained efforts has not only achieved academic excellence but has also instilled moral values among its students.

The school has a multi-prolonged approach to provide the right atmosphere which is congenial in facilitating the all round development of wards under our care. We are indeed extremely proud of our alumini who have brought fame to the school. We are also greatly satisfied that we have produced sympathetic and sincere citizens and human beings who have made and will always make a difference in the society we live in.

The competitive spirit and the leadership qualities are instilled by allotting the houses to students and forming a student's council. Students are exposed to Interhouse, inter-school competitions and other activities. Every week we stress on moral and ethical codes, so various activities like Japji Sahib, recitation of saakhis, divinity quiz Gurbani Sangeet Sammelan and spirit of Sewa & Simran is infused among the students.

Each year has seen not only increase in strength but gradual progress towards perfection. The eternal bliss, solace and peace encompassing the campus is possible due to the grace & blessing of Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji. Even after attaining so much, I feel, there is a lot more we can achieve by having target of Guru Gobind Singh Ji verse "Victory With Determination" which is only possible with "Waheguru" blessings and I must say "Inhi Ke Kirpa Sa Saje Hum Hain, Nai Moso Garib Karor Pare Hain".

- Director

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