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Alumni Message

Being the Ist student of GHPS, I believe that the school is like a candle which burns itself to give light to its students. My school has taught me to be honest and dedicated to my work.
Harsimran Singh, M.D. (Radiologist)

It is easy to become number 1 but it is difficult to remain no.1 G.H.P.S. is No.1 and it will remain no.1 school of my life. And its because of my Director sir and teachers of G.H.P.S. I've learnt to be confident, honest and hardworking in my profession.
Dr.Kavita Arora (Dental Surgeon)

Just because something is difficult doesn't mean we shouldn't try, we should just try harder. Be confident. This I have learnt from my Director and teachers of G.H.P.S.
Ruchi Arora (MCA)

I have studied in many schools but G.H.P.S. is a school with a difference. Within a very less time I have learnt to be different from others.
Priyanka (MCA)

East or West G.H.P.S. is the best. G.H.P.S. does not only impart education but also develops the personality of an individual.
Sudhir (lawyer)

People may doubt what you say but they will always believe what you do. So, just do it! G.H.P.S. has taught me always to lead in life.
Ankur Arora (A successful businessman)

Besides Education G.H.P.S. motivates the children to move forward in every field of life. Victory with determination and this what I have learnt from my dear institution.
Anu (Pursuing law)

G.H.P.S. has given me moral, spiritual, religious and physical training to be a perfect gentleman .
Kunal (Engineer)

G.H.P.S. has taught me that nothing is impossible in this world. If you are confident you can touch skies.
Komal (BSC Computer)

Hardwork is the key to success. G.H.P.S. has taught me to be hardworking, confident and honest to achieve success in life.
Arti Deswal (Engg. in lind year)

Myself Reshu. It was a great time period. The moral and social support given by my teachers have always helped me to achieve goal. At present I am a team leader in Hutch Call Centre. I can never forget my teachers- Mrs. Paramjeet, Mam Uma, Sir Sameer and Madam Gauri. I just wish to thank G.H.P.S. for imparting me pervasive education .
Reshu (Leader in call centre)

I had always been taught at GHPS "Do not study to earn, study to learn." what you learn today is what you become tomorrow.
Akshi (2006)- Indian Coast Guard pilot

GHPS has given me the values where in I learnt to honour those who stepped forward while others were thinking backward.
Akshima (Distt. Topper Non Med. 2007-08)

The ultimate truth is when education dies within us while we are still alive so we should try and live the education that will take us to the higher altitude. Anupriya (100% marks in Maths 2007-08) Education is the most powerful weapon given in my hands at GHPS which I used to change my world.
Divya Gupta (Distt. Topper N.Med 2012-13)

GHPS is the platform where you learn to chase your dreams till you burst at your seams. Never stop trying never stop learning, live life to your fullest and give it nothing but your best.
Ravneet Kaur (Humanities Distt. Topper 2012-13).

I always believed that good things come to those who wait but my teachers taught me that better things come to those who work for it.
Abhishek Goyal (IInd Distt. Topper Commerce 2012-13).

In the world everybody says- “Mistake is the first step towards success" but at GHPS I was taught the real fact "The correction of our mistakes is the first step towards success."
Mohit Munjal (School Topper 2013-14)

Every successful person has a painful story and every painful story has a successful ending. Accept the pain and get ready for success is the Motto given to me for life at GHPS.
Gurjinder Kaur Walia (Med. Topper 2013-14)

We are what our thoughts make us, take care about what we think. Words are secondary thoughts live within us and they help us travel far.
Chirag Dhawan (Non. Med. 2013-14)

The mission given to me by my school was..... "You are great if you can find your faults. You are greater if you can correct your faults".
Rachna Jangra (Topper, Commerce 2013-14)

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunity into blessings.
Lovika Grover (IIIrd Topper Non. Med. 2013-14).